What Is A Good Objective For A Healthcare Resume?

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June 22, 2020


A healthcare resume objective is a short statement that clearly states your qualifications and goals at the top of your resume. The best objectives will closely match the specific healthcare job you are applying to while helping you stand out from the other applicants. Far from outdated, a good healthcare resume objective could make the difference between getting the job and getting overlooked.

When Should You Consider A Healthcare Objective?

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Consider an objective for your healthcare resume first and foremost when a cover letter is not part of the application process.

The role of a cover letter is to move beyond your specific qualifications and weave them together into a narrative. If you are not allowed to provide a cover letter, an objective on your resume is the next best thing. A healthcare objective will allow you to concisely express the specific qualifications that make you such a good fit for the job.

A healthcare objective may be a useful supplement to your resume at any time during your career. In particular, write an objective when you feel that your resume needs a more compelling narrative to explain why you are the best candidate for the job to which you are applying.

If you feel that you have a hyper-specific reason that makes you a great candidate for the job, make sure that it is not lost within the bullet points of the rest of your resume. Spell out that reason at the very top of your application to make sure that the hiring manager does not overlook you.

If your personality is a large part of what is required within a job description, an objective can help you clearly and concisely express a bit of that personality. While you should keep the tone professional, a well-written objective can show off your skill at expressing yourself and your willingness to work hard for your employer.

Should You Write A New Objective For Every Job Application?

Writing Healthcare Resume Objective

In general, your objective should not be the same for any two applications. The reason is simple — each job has specific skill requirements, and your objective should be a perfect match for those.

Even if the only thing that changes within your objective is the name of the company to which you are applying, even that small change will signal to employers that you took the time to customize your application to their needs.

Assuming you are doing a large job search and not specifically applying to one particular role, you will begin to amass several objectives. Do yourself a favor by creating a separate document with each objective that you have written. This way, you can quickly go through your past materials and pull out the content that will help you best represent yourself.

Just because each objective should be customized for the job that you are applying to does not mean that you have to start from scratch with each application.

What Are The Steps To Writing A Good Healthcare Resume Objective?

  1. Closely read the requirements of the job posting. Your objective can work against you if it is not a strong match with the job description.
  2. Make a list of the keywords used in the job posting. These will form the basis of your objective, so be sure to include them in the final statement.
  3. Write down the name of the position and the name of the organization to which you are applying. These will also need to make it into the final statement.
  4. Write down at least two specific skills or qualifications that you have that the employer is seeking. You will need to figure out how to concisely state these to avoid wordiness in your objective.
  5. Put all of these parts together to form a draft of your objective. Make sure that the sentence is clear and direct, and that your word choice is plainspoken other than in places that require technical language related to the job.

As a bonus, try to get your objective read by another person within your industry, preferably someone who is more experienced than you.

By breaking down the components of an objective, you will be able to take the daunting task of summing all these parts into a short sentence and do it with relative ease. Also, a systematic approach means that you will be less likely to forget important parts of your statement.

Once you have written several objectives, you may not need to specifically write everything out beforehand, but a systematic approach like the one listed above can help when you hit writer’s block as well.

How Can You Personalize Your Objective On Your Healthcare Resume?

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You can personalize your objective on your healthcare resume by making sure that you specifically call out the name of the position and company to which you are applying. Additionally, you can be very specific about your qualifications.

Instead of using very general descriptors like “hard-working” or “goal-oriented,” try to use adjectives that specifically relate to the job posting. For a receptionist position that may mean using adjectives like “customer-focused” or being clear about your familiarity with specific scheduling software.

When writing your objective, you may want to think about a specific question that you are answering. A good one might be, “How can I solve a specific problem that my employer is facing?” With that question in mind, you will be unlikely to miss the mark when completing your objective.

What Are Some Examples Of A Good Healthcare Resume Objective?

  • Dietitian with seven years of professional experience seeking the opportunity to assist (name of clinic) with conducting research, counselling patients on nutrition, and preparing specific meal plans.
  • Recent college graduate from (name of school) pursuing the Dental Assistant position at (name of dental office) to conduct patient care, appointment scheduling, and record keeping.
  • Customer-focused receptionist with (name of scheduling software) experience looking to work with (name of organization) to schedule appointments, handle billing and foster a welcoming environment for all.
  • Physical therapist with experience at (name of clinic) and (name of the second clinic) looking to apply her skills at (name of clinic) and improve results for its patients.
  • Highly-qualified radiation therapist trained in the latest procedures and (name of specific equipment) looking to augment the staff at (name of clinic) as its Radiation Therapist.

What Makes For A Bad Healthcare Resume Objective?

You will know that you have composed a poorly written healthcare resume when you have not identified a quality that is specific to you. A generic objective will not hurt your resume too badly, but it will also do very little to help you stand out in a crowd.

Read your objective out loud. Does it flow nicely or is it a bit difficult to say? Your objective should be easy to read and direct so that a hiring manager does not become frustrated trying to decipher its meaning.

Needless to say, if your object contains spelling or grammatical errors, it can harm your chances of getting the job. Triple-check your work to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

How Will You Know If You Have Written A Strong Objective On Your Healthcare Resume?

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You will know that you have written a good objective for your healthcare resume when you have a sentence that accurately describes you as a person and the job to which you are applying. It should be short and sweet, and the language should be strong and clear.

A good objective will contain all the necessary specifics about you and the job, and a great objective will answer the question, “How can you solve a problem that keeps your employer up at night?” By answering that question, you will show the hiring manager that you have thoroughly considered the needs of your prospective employer.

As a final note on tone, be sure to showcase that you have a clear, articulate voice, but also make sure that your objective is highly professional. One sentence is simply too short to capture the complexity of anyone’s personality, so you should wait for the interview phase to demonstrate your humor and individuality.

How Long Should I Spend On Writing An Objective?

Ideally, the process of writing an objective should take no more than thirty minutes. The objective forms a small portion of your application, and your time is needed in other areas. As you write your objective, remember that you must also do your best to build a network to help get the job. If you are writing a cover letter, you must also devote time to that process.

The objective may be considered the icing on the cake of your resume. To use another metaphor, your objective is a sentence that wraps your application up with a nice bow. For that reason, you may consider writing the objective last, after you have customized the rest of your resume and written a compelling cover letter. The research and critical thinking that goes into all parts of the application process will help you with your final task of writing a great objective.

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