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Why Your Linkedin Profile Needs To Be Enhanced

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform that is used for professional networking and career development. LinkedIn currently has over 600 million members with 303 million of them being active users. Approximately 97% of employers use LinkedIn as their primary source of recruitment. As a professional, your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your resume in which you are allotted the opportunity to illuminate your professional brand. For passive candidates, an optimized LinkedIn profile allows you to attract recruiters to your page and potentially engage you for job opportunities. In addition, LinkedIn is very valuable for networking opportunities that could also lead to job referrals, which greatly increase your chances of landing a role. For active candidates, members of the recruitment process at your preferred companies will oftentimes visit your LinkedIn profile at some point during the hiring process to learn more about you. Your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile are complete package, all of which must be optimized to illuminate your brand.

7 Cold Hard Facts About LinkedIn Profiles.

With the revolution of LinkedIn from a professional stand point, it is imperative that your profile is polished. Whether you are a passive or active candidate, LinkedIn provides endless opportunities to network, build your professional brand, and job search. Here are seven essential reasons to enhance your LinkedIn profile:

1.LinkedIn is a showcase for your professional brand

Your profile is essentially snap shot of your resume, cover letter, and professional interests. It consists of headline, professional summary, featured material, activity history, work experience, education, licenses and certifications, volunteer experience, skills and endorsements, recommendations, and interests. All of those features are important in illuminating your professional brand. An enhanced LinkedIn page allows recruiters and hiring managers to go deeper than a piece of paper (resume and cover letter).

2.Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates

With 97% of employers using LinkedIn as the primary source of recruitment, an enhanced LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being found and engaged. Recruiters use Boolean searches to identify candidates that may be a good fit for the role they are actively recruiting for. A Boolean search consists of job titles, functional/technical skills, software proficiency, education, years of experience, and professional licenses. If your profile isn’t robust with information and keyword optimized, you may fly under the recruiters’ radar and miss out on potential opportunities.

3.Recruiters use LinkedIn for validation

At some point in the hiring process, it is probable that a recruiter or hiring manager will cross reference your resume and LinkedIn profile to be sure the information aligns. They will look at job titles, companies, dates of employment, education, licenses, and professional certifications to identify any inconsistencies. In addition, they will look at your activity, groups you are a part of, interests you follow, and professional recommendations to either validate your candidacy or identify any red flags.

4.Build a powerful network

Having a powerful network can open up doors that otherwise wouldn’t be open. Through LinkedIn, you can foster meaningful relationships that can result in opportunities. You can find connections through the groups you follow, the companies you’ve worked for, the companies you want to work for, mutual connections, and even leaders in your field. Employee referrals are a primary source of recruitment for the majority of companies, therefore your network is the ultimate resource outside of your professional abilities.

5.LinkedIn has one of the most popular job boards

With a network of over 600 million members, many companies are turning to LinkedIn for job postings. LinkedIn has built an extensive, user friendly job board in which job seekers and search jobs by keywords, locations, and other advanced filters. Even if you are not actively looking, you can set job alerts on the platform that will email you whenever a new job posting matches your search criteria. If you are actively looking for new opportunities, LinkedIn has a feature in which you can let recruiters know you are open to new opportunities. Any member of your current organization will not see that you are open to new opportunities so that information will remain confidential. Finally, many LinkedIn job postings allow you to apply to a position with your LinkedIn profile with the click of the mouse. Essentially, you’re applying to a job with only your LinkedIn profile so it is imperative that your profile is enhanced to be invited for an interview.

6.Join LinkedIn groups to build your credibility and visibility

LinkedIn groups provide professionals in the same industry, share the same interests, or part of the same organizations to make connections, share content, post jobs, ask questions, and establish themselves as industry experts. From a recruitment perspective, many companies will source candidates from groups that are relevant to the jobs they are trying to fill. These groups are particularly useful to recruiters when trying to find someone with a niche skill.

7.Use LinkedIn share posts that validate your skills and expertise

On LinkedIn, you can post articles, content, links to your website or portfolio, an even share other peoples content. This is a prime opportunity to provide supporting evidence to the claims made on your resume and cover letter. You can show your network and recruiters that you are indeed an industry expert that is valuable. This is an untapped opportunity that should be exploited. Statistics show that only 3 million LinkedIn users share content weekly.

Why you need to hire a professional

While it’s possible to create an optimized LinkedIn profile using the cover letter and resume we create for you, it’s highly recommended that you allow one of our expert recruiters to enhance it for you. Recruiters know recruiters and we will ensure your profile will be found in any search retaining to your area of expertise. LinkedIn ranks user profiles, we will surely make you a “LinkedIn All Star”.

How Does the Linkedin Enhancement Process Work?


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You will be asked to provide a resume and a target job description.


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Your coach will craft a fully optimized first draft within 1 week. Our team of in-house recruiters will proof read and audit your profile before delivery.



Your new LinkedIn profile will be delivered to you. You will be asked for feedback and/or approval. You have a total of two rounds of revision.


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