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Effective Interview Coaching

The interview process varies depending on job type, industry, and company size but there are aspects of the process that are consistent across the board. A typical interview process will consist of a resume review (typically by a recruiter), a recruiter phone screen, a functional/technical phone interview with a member of the hiring team, and an on-site interview. Each step of the process is a prerequisite for the next step so a candidate has to be prepared to succeed at each step along the way. There is a methodical approach that allows you to be fully prepared for each step of the process that will maximize your chances of landing the offer.

Recruiter Phone Screen

After your resume and cover letter successfully intrigues a recruiter to want to learn more, they will invite you to have a phone screen with them. The recruiter phone screen can be anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on the industry, role, and company itself. The primary goal of the recruiter phone screen is to gauge your qualifications in relation to the role, professional communication skills, overall like-ability, likeliness of being a culture fit, and determine if your salary expectations are aligned with the budget for the role. We will prepare you to get passed the recruiter phone screen by addressing the following:

• Do your research

• Create a comfortable environment with no distractions

• How to illustrate your qualifications

• Show sincere interest in the company

• Discussing salary expectations

• Close the interview

• Following up post interview

Functional/Technical Phone Interview

After you pass the recruiter phone screen, they will often times submit you for a phone interview with a member of the hiring team to assess your functional or technical skills. This interview is usually conducted by a hiring manager or senior level member of the team that will eventually be your peer if hired. This interview will typically be 30-60 minutes depending on the industry, role, and company itself. The primary goal of this interview is to determine if you possess the skills necessary to do the job at a high level. This step in the process is very important to companies because once they are inclined to bring you on-site, they commit resources in order to do so, including time and money. Typically, a company looks to make 1 hire for every 3 candidates they bring on-site meaning the phone interview is imperative to this metric. We will prepare you to earn the on-site invite by addressing the following:

  • How to prepare your elevator pitch
  • Phone interview etiquette
  • Demonstrating accomplishments and providing metrics
  • Know your process
  • Prepare for behavioral-based questions
  • Ask questions
  • Close the interview
  • What not to do
  • Following up post-interview

On-site Interview

The last step of every interview process is the on-site interview. The format of this interview varies greatly based on the industry, role, and size of the company. Out of all of the steps of the interview process, this is the step that is most company-specific. Some companies will have an on-site interview where you meet with one or two people only. Other companies will have 4-5 members of their team interview you in a panel setting, in which you are in a room with all of the interviewers at one time. The most common interview type in large companies is the round robin style interview, in which you will be interviewed by 4-5 members of the hiring team individually. The interviewers will each have different competencies to cover and they will combine all of the data at the conclusion of the interview to make a hiring decision collectively. Preparing for an on-site needs to be calculated and requires a substantial time investment. We will prepare you to land the offer by addressing the following:

  • General tips
  • What to bring and what to wear
  • Know your audience
  • Understand how your skills will be assessed (functional/technical)
  • How to ace the behavioral interview questions
  • Ask questions
  • Close the interview
  • What not to do
  • Following up post-interview

Prevision Personnel Interview Prep Guide 2020

Our team has put together a comprehensive package that will prepare you for each step of the interview process. This comprehensive guide is updated once a year to keep it up to date and effective. Collectively, our team has conducted thousands of prep sessions with candidates and have sat in on just as many debriefs. From this experience, we have taken a data driven approach to crafting an interview prep guide that emphasizes the most important aspects of each interview. Leverage our insider information to help you land your dream role!

interview preparation guide 2020

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