Image How are foreigner workers treated in the USA ?

How are foreigner workers treated in the USA ?

How are foreigner workers treated in the USA ?

How are foreigner workers treated in the USA? Many work visas have been granted to a large number of foreigners in the US. This is to complete the needs of employees of the country. Many foreign workers live in the USA to apply a job in different companies or families as maid. Some of them work in high-class employment and there are those who work in unskilled or semi-skilled employment.

Working in America is often hard if you are a foreigner. Many people complain of the American treatments towards the workers. However, there are those who live safely and comfortably while working in America.

Legal foreign workers

If you enter the USA with legal access, you may live and work normally as Native American people. You need a visa and work permit to be eligible to work in the US. High-wage workers and legal foreign workers are better treated in the USA. They live with the permission of the government, they receive the normal salary according to their position and they live more safely and more comfortable. However, there are many situations in which you may be required to pay taxes as a foreign worker.

Undocumented foreign workers

Millions of foreigners come to the United States without valid documentsd due to many reasons from the origin country or from the US. Basically, illegal foreign workers are poorly treated by their employers in America. Many of them face several types of abuse at work. These often include low wage, irregular work hours, and many other bad work conditions.

Many workers complain about the situation because they cannot do anything to get rid of the issue. If they tend to request fair payment and treatment, it may damage their position or put their stay in hazardous conditions. They may be fired from their job without notice. To summary, undocumented foreign workers are treated unfairly in the United States because employers take advantage of them to do everything they want.

Domestic foreign workers

Most of domestic workers, especially women, are completely disappointed by the situation when arriving in America. Thousands of workers face a serious human rights abuse. The abuse presents many forms such as physical, sexual, social, in time schedule and unfair pay.

One of the hardest situations that they face is when thinking of changing jobs. It is often impossible to find other employers because their work visa is only tied to an employer. If they leave their position, they also lose their immigration status. There is no way to complain about the situation because it is often hidden from the public. And if they complain while still working for their employers, it will affect their job and their immigration status too.

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