All Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Resume Writing Service

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Written by Tyler Brodeur

Tyler, our lead job search coach is a former recruiter with expertise in several major industries. He has worked with some of the most renowned companies in the world and has interviewed over 20,000 candidates throughout his career. As a career coach, Tyler has helped many professionals identify and land ideal jobs. Tyler is an effective servant leader that is passionate about positively impacting as many lives as possible.

July 10, 2020


When presenting yourself to a potential employer, you always want to create the best impression possible.  Most of the time, hiring a professional resume writer to accomplish that is the best choice.  However, what should you know before you choose which resume service to hire?

Resume writers are meant to help you present your best self.  Many believe that only committing enough time to fill out a form will accomplish that goal.  However, sometimes, even an expert cannot accomplish the impossible unless you are willing to dedicate an hour or so to make sure that he knows your truest and best self.

When you hire a resume writer, be prepared to commit your time and finances.  In the long run, your investment can help you break out among the pool of candidates because you can live your resume, rather than just purchase it.

What should you know before you fill out your resume-service form?  These 17 questions will help you make the most of your experience by teaching you questions that lead to great resume-writing service experiences.

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Know What You Can Offer Before You Hire A Resume Writing Service

Over and over in this article, you will read about the mythical quick turnaround: a resume writer is given little information and expected to work miracles.  If only that was reality.

Don’t get me wrong, a resume writer is trained to see strengths and skills in you that you might have not originally devised; however, writers are not psychics, and may not catch every strength you possess if you do not take the time to recall your accomplishments and present them, even if you do not do it well.

Before you pay for the first session or document, you need to take some time to learn the following about yourself:

What are your strengths? 

Strengths On Resume

When you walk into an interview, you know that you are competing with others to receive that job, and you know that the winner is, typically, someone who is able to display their strengths in a fashion that is relatable to the company and stands above the rest of the applicants.

Make a decision to be that person by knowing your strengths and discussing them with a professional who is able to make a profession by wooing employers.

Think about questions like; What makes you the reason someone chooses you above others?  What are the reasons you overcome trials? Why is your level of strength better than the other applicants?

Resume Writing Service

What are your weaknesses?

While your strengths are to be highlighted, every interviewer will want to understand some of your weakest moments.  You could wing the conversation, or you could understand how to guide it while you talk with someone from a resume writing service who had conducted the same type question numerous times.

First and foremost, you need to understand that weaknesses are not the end of the interview; if you have learned and risen from them, they can even be a welcomed turning point for you.  Furthermore, discussing them with someone who makes a living from understanding weaknesses better can help you.

To start the process, think of the following questions: What are some reasons that you are not achieving your dreams?  What can you do to improve on them?

What are some jobs that you want to put on your resume?

Professional Resume Writer

When creating a resume, working within this question makes or breaks a lot of applicants, mainly because interviewers want to see how you work.

Once you write down all of the relevant jobs that you have, or every job you have ever had if you do not know of any relevant jobs than your resume writer can begin to know the best way to approach the style of your resume.

To be prepared for this step, think of jobs where you excelled or had influential moments.  Write down about those moments, including dates, locations, job titles, and a series of events.

What is your educational background?

After knowing what relevant job experience you have had, employers like to know about your education, and what you did with the time you had.

Just a note: write down all of your educational experience, including every certificate, degree, and weekend training session.  You and your resume writer can discuss what should go on a resume or not.  Furthermore, you may be surprised to know that the certificate you received for that little weekend course could give you an inch above the rest.

When you write about your education, do not forget to include your GPA, degree title, dates of attendance, awards, location, and student organizations of which you were a member.

What is your skill set?

You wrote about your job and education, and now, you need to think about your skillsets, which are tasks you can do that can transfer to any employer.

Some typical skills can include: Microsoft Office, data-entry, knowing software programs, communication skills, and leadership skills.

Do you want to add a portfolio?

Listen, your work history is necessary because it describes what you have accomplished in the past within a team environment.  Your portfolio, on the other hand, shows what you can do for your potential employer.

Let your resume writer see any work that you have done where the owner gave you permission to use it for promotional use.  Depending on what you provide, your writer may even reference it as to make sure that the employer can know of evidence that you are a viable candidate.

What social media profiles do you have?

Social Media On Resume

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, I suggest you take a break from this article and create one right now.  Your resume puts your best foot forward to whomever you send it, but LinkedIn gives you that same capability to anyone who can search for a skillset you have.

Furthermore, if you have a detailed enough profile, your writer will not have to bug you for questions about your past history that you might have forgotten to include on the form.  What’s even better?  Knowing that you can basically transfer your professional resume to LinkedIn after it is written so that your profile will look much better.

Also, do not forget to send any other profiles to your writer so that she can have a better sense of your writing style and social abilities.  After all, a great resume writer can get you any job, but you need to be the one to maintain it.

What is your budget? 

No matter what you or your resume writer do, someone will always do it better, and someone will always do it worse.

Someone who is better will be in higher demand and will likely have to charge prices to reflect that.  On the other hand, someone who charges less may not be in such demand but could accomplish the task.  You need to decide how much you are willing to pay for the quality you want to be done.

Know Your Resume Writer

Resume Writing

You know yourself pretty well now, huh?  That is great.  Now, you need to take the next step: finding a writer who can present you in your best light.

One of the keys to success is being able to present yourself in a way that communicates success to the other person.  In other words, you have an excellent background, but if you do not know the right language or time to present that information, you will be the only one who knows that.

Here are some questions you need to ask your resume writer to make sure that they have the capabilities to present your best self to your potential employers:

Do they offer examples of their work?

A person can promise the world, but if their past actions do not back that up, you need to consider looking elsewhere.

A decent resume writing service will have examples to show you that they are worth their weight in gold.  You are hiring a service to make you stand out from the crowd; you should have the right to expect that they can do the same for themselves.

Does your resume creator relate to you? 

This question isn’t asking if you have dished about the latest gossip with your writer, but rather, does your writer understand the value of your strengths, the recoveries of your weaknesses, and what makes you?

Let me exemplify this: Bob tells you that he likes some food you have never heard of before: gibbyjuice, and your mind draws a blank.  However, Bob’s friend, Tom, tells you that he likes pizza, and your mind thinks about pepperoni, cheese, all on a thick crust.

When you describe yourself, your resume writer should not always draw a blank but have some experience with your skillset and background to develop a plan to help you succeed.

What is their grammatical style? Does it glide with your own?

Grammar Resume

Naturally, if you are noticing spelling and grammatical mistakes with your resume, potential employers will, too.  You know to walk away from this type of writer.

However, even if someone is able to write a paper that rivals Harvard graduates, you are still responsible for maintaining the reputation she presents.  Otherwise, you are not doing your employer or yourself any favors by being in a position you cannot handle.

You simply need to find a writer who can communicate with you, and your wonderful strengths, and not some fantasy person.  Else, you will discover that your coworker’s pre-conceived notions of you will dwindle before your first day is over, and success will only be a dream after that.

If you are worried about presenting your weaknesses, don’t be. You do not need perfect to get the job because people can handle weaknesses… if they know how to control the consequences of them.

Do they know about the more popular keywords for your industry?

Life would be great if all resume writers only wrote resumes for industries they worked in, but we all know that is not the case.  However, having a writer who has never researched that industry could cause a lot of problems.

Every industry has a certain language to communicate many concepts rolled into one word.  For example, you have an orifice on your face that can consume food and speak, a.k.a. your mouth.  Industry leaders appreciate communication using the shorter phrases, and your writer should have an idea of what those phrases are.

Do you have the time to hire a professional?

Busy Professional

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, life would be great if you could just send some information, and your resume writer would take care of everything else.  However, if you want to get a job, and maintain it, you need to prepare for an hour or two of conversation.

Think of your commitment in this manner: Likely, you would only spend about an hour making your resume on your own.  However, you may miss some details that a resume writer has trained their mind to know.  Those mistakes could cost you a job.

However, say that you wanted to spend enough time to have a resume that could rival a writer’s.  You would need to consider the hours that training or research took to know the industry, the time to research the job opportunities, and the education necessary to write professionally.  If you wrote for 10 hours, you still might not cover the time commitment necessary.

All in all, you need to be able to find about an hour to be able to commit to the interview for your resume.  In the end, though, you are saving quite a bit of time for the reputation you are building.

What are their policies?

Short and simple question here, really: What is their refund policy?  What is their time-commitment policy?

Read the fine print and determine if you can work within their rules to make this a beneficial partnership.

Resume Writers

Does their website look like your potential employers’ sites?

Your writer knows the industry lingo, but do they know how to impress on other levels?

Look at your writer’s site and study sites in your industry.  Are they somewhat similar?  Would someone who regularly visits sites that are typical in your industry be impressed with your resume writer?

Resumes are more than words; they are a presentation.  Your writer should know not only how to say what needs to be said, but also how to design your resume so that the interviewer’s eyes are drawn to read it.

Does your resume writer know how to impress your leadership?

If your writer is creating a resume for a middle-management position, he or she needs to be able to communicate intelligence and leadership capabilities.  If your writer is writing for a CEO position, you need all of the former, but you also need to demonstrate that taking risks is in his comfort zone.

To gain a better understanding, ask your writer about the networks that she moves in during their free time.  Do they feel comfortable enough with leaders to impress them, or, are they intimidated because they sense disappointment around CEOs?

Do they have experience in career changes?

Career Changes

Most of the time, you are hiring a resume service because you want to have a career in an industry or workplace with which you are not familiar.

Many skills are transferable; however, knowing how to communicate that same skills to multiple industries is a gift, to say the least.  For example, “speaking to a crowd” could mean a presentation for a scientist, while it could mean instructing a class for a teacher.  Don’t you think that a teacher’s resume that states, “gave a presentation to a class for 10 months” seems odd?

Words have effects, and finding a resume-writing service who can properly convey them can make a major difference.


top resume writing services

You are someone who could complete the task given to you.  You may need to learn a couple of skills before you can start the task, and you may create some bumps in the road, but with enough dedication, you could accomplish it.

Your potential employer, however, does not know you well enough to know that you could accomplish the task.  She has seen enough failures to know that not every candidate can get the job done.  Furthermore, she doesn’t know the level of risk that she wants to take in hiring a candidate.

Your job is to communicate to the employer that you have the necessary skillset and that you can accomplish the task.  Your job is to determine the best way to communicate that fact, and you may need to choose an outside source to accomplish the task.

If you decide to hire a writer, you both can accomplish wonderful achievements if you are able to meet each other on a level of understanding and drive.

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