Image Immigration to the USA for work : how it works

Immigration to the USA for work : how it works

The United States is often seen as a very attractive country in terms of immigration. This country seduces with its diversity and the idea that anything is possible: the "American dream". This famous idea attracts many to immigrate to the United States.

The different types of work visas

Several types of visas are adapted to each social-professional category, bearing a separate alphanumeric code. These visas are mandatory for all nations in the world and it is therefore the rules applicable for a work visa in the US. The first step to obtain that visa is to obtain a job contract in the States. Then the employer will have to ask for formal papers.

Granted for a maximum initial period of three years, the H-1B visa can be renewed once for a total of six years and represents most of the work visas issued by the US administration. The "Bachelor's Degree" or its equivalent in professional experience is required to obtain the H-1B visa.

For other visas: the H-2B visa is for seasonal employees, the L-1 visa for employees transferred between affiliated companies, and the P-1, P-2 and P-3 visas are intended for artists, sportsmen and professionals of show business. As for O visas, they allow high-level people in the fields of science, art, television, film production, education or sport to come to the United States for an event, a particular project or tournament.

The spouse and children of the H, L, O, and P visa holders can obtain visas of the same category to accompany their family. However, US law does not recognize cohabitation, so only married couples can apply for an escort visa.

What is the regulation of work in the United States?

The United States have a labor market with very different rules. It is therefore essential that you read the work regulations in force before starting your search.

  •  Working hours in the United States: Overall, the working time varies according to your position, your responsibilities as well as your type of contract. "Hourly workers" are paid based on the hours they work, their wages are paid counting their working time.
  •  The minimum pay for your job in the United States: The minimum pay or "Minimum Wage" came into effect on July 24, 2009, in the United States with an amount of $ 7.25 per hour that has not changed since. Therefore, whatever your activity, your employer must pay you at least 7.25 $ per hour whatever the state in which you are employed.
  •  Paid leave in the United States: In 2017, American labor law does not determine days of minimum paid vacation in a salaried contract. The agreement is only between the employer and the employee, and the number of days of paid vacation available each year will be determined at the signing of your contract.
  •  Sick leave in the United States: Like paid leave, the US government does not guarantee a minimum number of days in case of illness. Only employees who are part of a company subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) have a guaranteed minimum and can claim 12 weeks of sick leave per year under certain conditions and with unsecured remuneration.

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